Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bottle and Bread 365DD

I'm am trying to keep up with my 365 DD by carrying a "sketch pad" with me whereever I may have time to doodle something. My pad is a 8 x10 piece of drawing paper which I fold into quarters. It provides enough support that I don't need a backing. It is flexible enough to fit into a pocket. So this sketch is on a quarter which is only 4 x 5 inches.


Mac McRae said...

cool drawing john.
I have started drawing straight into the computer with a wacom cintiq. It has gotten where I even prefer it to the real thing. Cool work.

Juliet A said...

Interesting idea. Have you considered that you can cut two ATCs out of a single drawing surface? I suppose it would stress the paper to actually fold it into eighths.