Saturday, September 23, 2006

Freeway Phobia IF

This is for Illustration Friday, "Phobia". This is a phobia which is new enough that it does not have a Greek name. The best I have heard it described as is "Freeway Phobia". It can be the sometimes paralizing fear of driving on a highway or freeway. One person told me that for almost two years he sat in his driveway and cried each morning before making his L.A. County commute.

For those of us who rely on our cars to get to and from work this can be a terrible thing in our lives. One can, with help, overcome it. My first step in overcoming it was realizing other people suffered from this demon too.


the enigma said...

poor guy.. great illustration, though!

Natalia said...

i would totally have this phobia, if i lived anywhere where the driving were less relaxed.

murphy girl said...

good for you, and drive carefully!