Saturday, June 10, 2006


This is my Jungle for Illustration Friday.

My original idea was for a vine going around and around and coming out the eye of the skull. Skulls just seem to belong in jungles. Maybe dead things where they fell. This is a monkey skull which seemed all the more appropriate.

I really saw the need for dying as well as green leaves. Like the eyes and the skull they represent the cycles of life.

The bloom are a styalized hibiscus, one of my favorite tropical flowers.

The bugs are fashioned after a real insect of the Amazon.

And I like the movement of little snakes across the bottom. To me, both the snakes and the bugs seemed to be headed somewhere.

I think the eyes could be both eyes of the jungle looking out and eyes of the viewer trapped amoung this verdant activity.

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Aliie said...

ohhh, thats reallie nice...reallie reallie.